Flaminia Chapman, Holy Week: Navigating Easter, NileGuide.com.


Holy Week, the seven days leading up to Easter Sunday, can often times be a logistical gran casino for the unsuspecting traveler to Rome. Traditionally, the Eternal City explodes with international pilgrims criss-crossing the city for the celebrations, along with tourists looking for a little southern Mediterranean sun during Spring Break. Navigating through the city, the celebrations and the chaos require a little insider knowledge, and thanks to Rome Insider’s Guide Flaminia Chapman*, navigating Holy Week is now a little bit easier.


[…] Don’t worry about long queues; Rome has many off-the-beaten-path sites to visit. Two of my favorite secret sites will be open for Easter.  Just a few steps from the overcrowded Trevi Fountain is La Cittá dell’Acqua, the 1st-century remains of an apartment complex and a water cistern (capacity 40,000 gallons) thirty feet underground. During the Middle Ages, the entire complex was buried and houses were built on top of it.  Vicolo del Puttarello, 25. Info at: +39- 339-778-6192. […]

*Flaminia Chapman is Italian-American (ahem, Texan),  who now lives and works in Rome and Vatican City as tour guide and travel consultant.  She’s traveled throughout Africa, China, India, the U.S. and Europe.  An explorer, she’s always on the hunt for unique, beautiful things- whether cities, objects, food or wine.  She recently researched, compiled and wrote Rome Insider’s Guide, one of the latest and most indepth Rome travel apps.